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We know that most people who book a room on a hotel website never return to the hotel site unless they need to change their reservation. DIS believes this is a missed opportunity to increase brand awareness for your hotel, and begin an ongoing relationship with your guests -- long before they leave home.


Our unique, white label solution easily plugs in to your existing website and provides your guests with a local itinerary planning tool plan using your hotel website. Our web based Concierge Program offers and extensive listing of restaurants, events, shows, spas and other businesses and services in your area -- branded with the look and feel of the rest of your hotel site without any additional Web development requirements from you or your IT team.

  • Build anticipation for your guests' upcoming trip before they arrive.
  • Increase traffic for your existing Web site and build your brand.
  • Link to existing Web content to improve your search engine ranking.
  • Be the planning resource for your guests regional and local experience.

Your guests can also use this tool to maintain a list of all of their activities during their stay and keep an accurate calendar of events, giving them something to look forward to as a value added service from your existing site.


Destination Intelligence (DI) Kiosk Program allows hotels to offer a wide range of hospitality and entertainment options to their guests right in the lobby of their property. The interactive kiosks also offer local businesses a direct channel to potential customers at the best possible time to book a reservation, sell a ticket, promote a show or gallery opening -- when hotel guests are looking for a place to go "right now" as they plan to hit the town.

DIS kiosks provide a fun, interactive directory of local businesses, services and entertainment venues. Designed to blend into the atmosphere of the hotel property, guests can quickly and easily search for restaurants, tickets to shows and other cool venues based on nearby locations or specific categories of activities. Like most all of DIS Service, the richness and variety of the offerings on each kiosk is enhanced by the number of participants in our growing community of local businesses and hospitality services.

The kiosk provides and interactive touch screen that quickly determines a guests needs and wishes, and offers a variety of options to choose from. Contact information, location and hours of operation are all included, and DIS uses existing Web content to create the interface between guests and the various businesses that participate.

Hotels win by including the kiosk in their service offerings. Guests win by taking away the hassle and unpredictability of a night out with fellow travelers in an unfamiliar city.

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